Crypto Winning Platform BitNasdaq: Reward Hub, Affiliate Program, And Referral Program

Cryptocurrency trading over the years has grown exponentially and with the advent of this new fintech, comes the advent of advanced cryptocurrency exchanges. Just like that, BitNasdaq, a newly launched cryptocurrency exchange (CEX) has come into the cryptoverse. BitNasdaq has many features, each designed to be easy to navigate for the users and rewarding for the users. Now let’s look into the rewarding features of BitNasdaq and look into the crypto winning platform BitNasdaq.

The BitNasdaq Reward Hub <H2>

The name itself has the answer to what this feature entails for its users. The BitNasdaq Reward Hub is the most rewarding feature of BitNasdaq which rewards its users for simply signing up, holding assets, recharging, and even trading. The goal is simple, the more active a trader is on the platform the more reward there is for them. Not only this, it is like an activity for the user where they can take it as a challenge and enjoy completing the different goals for receiving the rewards.

What Makes The Reward Hub Special

There are different rewards for users in the BitNasdaq Reward Hub, these rewards include; The KYC Reward, BitNasdaq Active Reward, P2P Transaction Reward, BitNasdaq Recharge Reward, Spot Transaction Reward, and Future Transaction Reward. And the best reward that BitNasdaq is offering is the 50 USDT KYC completing reward after signing up on the platform.

The BitNasdaq Affiliate Program

The Agent Plan, or Affiliate Program, is a feature enabled for all cryptocurrency exchanges. In an Affiliate Program, the agent earns maximum commission and enables special Affiliate features for themselves. Similarly, BitNasdaq also offers an Affiliate Program, but what makes the BitNasdaq Affiliate Program more special is the up to 50% commissions that an agent can earn with added features like an account manager, social media collaboration, event collaborations, 24/7 priority customer support, and more.

How To Become An Affiliate

Becoming an agent is very simple for any platform, all you have to do is sign up and apply to become one. The same is the case with BitNasdaq, if you want to become an Affiliate agent and enjoy the perks of an Affiliate Agent then you have to sign up on BitNasdaq and apply to become an Affiliate Agent with a few simple required information.

The BitNasdaq Referral Program

The third rewarding feature of BitNasdaq is the Recommend A Friend Plan or the BitNasdaq Referral Program. The referral program is simple, users have to recommend their friends and family to sign up on the BitNasdaq exchange with their unique referral code or link. Once signed up, for every trade executed by the referee the user will earn a flat 35% in commissions. The crypto winning platform BitNasdaq is enhanced many folds with the BitNasdaq Referral Program.

What Is The 3-Step Referral

The BitNasdaq Referral Program is a simple 3-step referral, where all the users have to do is share their unique invite link with their friends and family and make sure that they sign up. The second step is to make sure that the referee deposits cryptocurrency and completes a trade. The last step is to simply earn the 35% flat commission.

The BitNasdaq Rewarding Features And Future Plans

Like any other cryptocurrency exchange that is looking to scale up its exchange and its performance, BitNasdaq is also looking for more avenues that are profitable for the user as well. Enhancing the rewarding features of BitNasdaq, the exchange has a plan to launch a new crypto game, Bit Bull Clash, where users can play to win. These and many other features are the future profit plans of the exchange.

Where To Begin

To answer the simple question of where to begin, the answer is simply to sign up on BitNasdaq and enjoy the rewarding features of BitNasdaq and more. All you have to do is register your account on the best cryptocurrency exchange platform BitNasdaq and start enjoying the perks of BitNasdaq.